Ruger Mini 14 Accessories

Hunters, sports people and security guards are fond of guns. There are innumerable options available in the market and brush guns are always admired by them because of various reasons. Firstly, these guns are easier to handle, require lesser maintenance and easier to operate with the larger caliber. Secondly, they are available in the convenient size of 18 to 22 inches of barrel and the overall length of 36 to 42 inches. They are quite lightweight, typically less than 8 pounds. They are available in medium and large caliber choices. Mini 14 Stocks are quite popular options because they are powerful, especially with heavier bullets.
The accessories

  1. Rugar 223 Mini-14 magazines: They are lightweight and fast magazine loaders to provide incredible speed of loading. They are easy to handle and capable of loading and unloading 20 rounds in 10 seconds. It has special grooved slide for thumb for better grip irrespective of the fact that you are loading it with left hand or right hand.
  2. Dehumidifier: Moisture is the biggest enemy for guns and you need a good dehumidifier to get rid of it. Remove moisture from the cabinets, gun closets, gun safes and the surrounding area to keep it secured from rusting and corrosion. These are non-toxic and odorless water glass crystals that absorb moisture up to 2 months before you generate them. Typically they do not require power for regeneration. Charge it for some time until the indicator shows full charging. The unit is ready for another two months of use. Buy it for Mini 14 Stocks for better life of the gun.
  3. Tactical light mount: Tactical light mounts are important Ruger Mini 14 Accessories. They are made from aluminum and they are clamped to the barrel in front of the gas block. They help in easy activation of light or laser without the need of moving hand. Just move the thumb and activate it. Both left and right handed people find them suitable due to the convenient positioning of the rails at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position.
  4. Brass catcher: Snap-on brass catcher saves the brass for reloading. Typically rigid and lightweight brass catchers can hold up to 60 rounds. The catchers are suitable for guns with wooden Mini 14 Stocks and reinforcement screws. Synthetic stocks are not suitable for brass catchers.
  5. Intrafuse adjustable stock kit: Adjustable Intrafuse kits are effective military-grade components to make Rugar-14 more effective and tough. They make the gun easier to handle and also improves the fit. The kit has push-button with adjustable butt stock and six positions. Establish proper eye alignment by using optic and angled extension.
  6. AR-15/M16 60 & 100 round magazines: Keep the rifle running for a longer duration without a need of changing it frequently during competitions or actual operations on the field. They are easier devices to handle and you can handle the gun with one hand. The perfect weight alignment brings it at the center and gives better stance and grip for shooting. There is no need for external lubrication due to nylon nest and the special cadmium coating gives better friction and corrosion resistance.

Buy the accessories and increase the efficiency of the gun!

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