Trijicon SRS: A Massive Fighting Gadget Option

There could be millions of weapon gears all around, but admit it or not, what you are looking for is an ultimate gear one that could do explosive work against the most dangerous situations.

A perfect model that best represents an ideal gear is the name famously known as Trijicon SRS. As the name implies, this gear is manufactured by a gigantic, outstanding American-based company known as Trijicon. For over several years, this company has made an enormous success in device making. Nowadays, they are already considered as one of the highest ranked companies that deal with optical sighting weapons.

In addition, introducing Trijicon SRS, which is currently one of their best gadgets. This product is already prevailing in the market simply because of its remarkable features. Now, if you are one of the avid target shooters that are on the look for an aiming device, you better check out this gear’s details.

Specific Features of Trijicon SRS
Trijicon has absolutely done a great job in designing a p articular firearm accessory, because Trijicon SRS is labeled with impressive internal and external features that include:

  • Tough and undeniably durable external display made with rugged materials. This device is also noted for its flexibility and durability. Using it will ensure shooters to operate an efficient gear that will surely last for a longer span of time.
  • Solar panel array that serves as the device’s powerhouse. It is placed above the housing, which is encased in polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is designed to protect the case.
  • Crisp red dot that works even in the absence of battery. There are circumstances when the battery runs out and this is totally inevitable. Fortunately, these situations can be aided through the presence of red dot that will do the thing when battery is no longer available.
  • Large rubber recessed buttons that are easy to operate.
  • 1.75 MOA dot that ensures a respectable good range.
  • Auto-brightness setting that automatically sets up the illumination without you noticing the changes. Practically, it is of great advantage because it saves you time and effort doing extra setting ups while you are in action. It definitely makes the work easier.
  • AA battery that works for about 3 years. Its long battery life is what makes this product more promising in the market. This gadget will be a perfect option for consumers who opt to consider weapons that will require them no hassle of battery replacement from time to time.

The only thing that makes Trijicon SRS quite less desirable for few consumers is that it is heavy. With its 390 grams weight, it is quite bulky for an optical sighting device. Some users would just naturally opt for the lighter ones because of the convenience and comfort they offer. However, despite its weight, the quality and functionality of Trijicon SRS makes it all worthy.

Trijicon has indeed made such an excellent gear for all shooters. Although Trijicon SRS is a bit heavy, this drawback is not a reason why shooters will not consider choosing it as their fighting company. Versatile, flexible, rugged all these strengths are worthy of your penny.

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