How US Gun Control Is Losing, Badly

How US Gun Control Is Losing, Badly
This Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of the massacre at Newtown, Conn.’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. Twenty children, six staff members, shooter Adam Lanza and his mother all died that day. The killings reinvigorated both sides of the gun-control debate, but gun rights advocates maintained the edge they’ve had for years. [Interactive charts of US state gun laws and lobbying are displayed in the original] An impressive (roughly) 1,500 state gun bills have… [Washington Post, Blog, via] PRI AR-15/M16 Combat Latch Only: Sports & Outdoors
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Japanese Father Arrested After Son Takes Handgun to School
FUKUOKA — Police have arrested the father of a student after the boy brought a handgun to school in Shime, Fukuoka Prefecture. According to police, the boy’s father, Takaki Wakisaka, a 41-year-old restaurant manager, was questioned about firing several live-ammunition shots from a revolver in a storehouse near his home in the middle of September this year, Fuji TV reported. After bringing the same gun to school on Nov 20, his son had the firearm confiscated by a… [Japan Today, via]

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