Oregon: Multnomah County Commissioners to Vote on Restrictive Firearms Ordinance Tomorrow

Oregon: Multnomah County Commissioners to Vote on Restrictive Firearms Ordinance Tomorrow
Last week, the Multnomah Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a restrictive firearms ordinance cosponsored by Commissioner Deborah Kafoury and Chair Jeff Cogen.  The second and final reading of this ordinance will take place tomorrow, April 25, at 9:30 am in Board Room 100 of the Multnomah Building located at 501 SE Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland.  

North Carolina: Pro-Hunting Reform Bill Passes State Senate
Yesterday, Senate Bill 201, introduced by state Senator Shirley Randleman (R-20), which would allow for the use of lawfully-possessed suppressors while hunting, passed in the South Carolina Senate.  This bill now goes to the House of Representatives where it will be assigned to a committee.

Hawaii: Conference Committee Hearing on Senate Bill 69 Rescheduled for Tomorrow Morning
No decision was reached last week by the conference committee tasked with reconciling the House and Senate versions of Senate Bill 69 after the Senate rejected House amendments (previously reported here).

Recent gun control battle began with 1970s cultural wars, NRA president says
The recent defeat of gun control legislation in the U.S. Senate is just the latest round in cultural wars that attempted to reinterpret the Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment, according to the president of the National Rifle Association.It won’t be the last, David Keene told a packed room of NRA supporters at the Iowa Capitol Thursday.”We’ve managed to stave off the current threat in Congress,” Keene said at a Polk County Republican Party sack lunch fundraiser. “But the war has not ended. The enemy has gone behind a hill to regroup.”

Tennessee: Senate Passes School Security Measure, Goes to Governor for His Approval
Yesterday, the Tennessee Senate passed House Bill 6 by an overwhelming 27-6 vote.  This measure passed in the Tennessee House by an 82 to 15 vote on April 16, and is now eligible for Governor Bill Haslam’s signature.

Missouri: Attend Key Hearings this Weekend on Legislation to Protect your Permit Privacy
As we have previously reported, the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) initiated a new and dangerous procedure of scanning, keeping and sharing personal documents with the federal government related to the issuance of your driver’s license and right to carry permit.  This recordkeeping and sharing of private documents by the DOR is a serious violation of public trust and the Missouri Legislature is taking swift action to remove DOR’s role in the permit issuing process by pursuing enactment of House Bill 8.

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