How to preview Ubuntu Unity Smart Scopes

How to preview Ubuntu Unity Smart Scopes
Takeaway: Although the Unity Smart Scopes project has been delayed until the Ubuntu 13.10 release, it is still an amazing tool. Jack Wallen shows you how to get the Unity Smart Scopes installed on your Ubuntu 13.04 desktop. If you’ve been following the …

Smart Scopes Skips Ubuntu 13.04, Gets Delayed Until Ubuntu 13.10
Smart Scopes, a feature that was initially planned for release along with Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail), has been delayed by another six months. Canonical is trying to improve the search feature in Unity with the help of the “100 Scopes” project (Smart …

Rifle Sling Hardware – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings
Rifle Sling Hardware Another Precision and Tactical Accessory from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Gun Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters …

Congressional Investigation Scopes Apple’s Web of Tax Havens
Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to meet with lawmakers Tuesday … Chinese deals startup Meituan is offering a free trip to Vancouver, Canada, so that one lucky gay couple can get legally married. Gay marriage, along with pornorgraphy, Facebook and …

AR-15 Slings – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings
Magpul MS3, Rifle Sling System with ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment + Free Shipping Price: $75.95. ATI Rifle Sling Kit Price: $18.95. GRSC AR-15 Carbine Stock …

Cetacea Slings – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings
Cetacea Single Point Rifle Sling with HK Clash Hook Price: $29.95. Cetacea Double Bungee Shoulder Mount Rifle Sling for Tactical Vests Price: $63.95.

JPFO’s Executive Director Charles Heller on Armed Armed American Radio.
Charles talks 2A matters with Mark Walters of Armed American Radio, while returning on Monday Sept 26th from the weekend Chicago Gun Rights Policy Conference.

The link supplied is to the sound file itself – or go direct to the Talkin’ to America page. – where there is a player option also.

Rifle scopes have storied history
When I began woodchuck hunting in the mid-1930s, the rifle scope was not the favorite aiming device for varmint hunters. In fact, most hunters of that era literally scorned the use of the optical sight, and they had a variety of reasons. Some thought it …

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