Grip Pod

Furthermore you mention that the grip pod is slightly longer than some vertical for grips. This is true but if you consider it is actually about the same length as a surfire m900 flashlight grip and the surefire grip light has no bipodand weighs about 4 times more than the grip pod and costs virtually 4 times more .. and I have never heard anyone say the surfire m900 is too long .. The grip pod is a grip and a bipodand you can add a 1 ounce grip pod light rail to the grip pod and have a grip/ bipodand a rear button light you activate by your support thumb. Also the grip pod grip is only about three quarter of an inch longer than a knights vertical forgrip with no bipod.And if you ad a bipodto the weapon you get many more inches hanging down from your forearm which is like hanging a pitch fork below you gun ,and as much as a couple of pounds extra as grip pod only weighs 6 ounces for the LE model and 7 ounces for the military issue grip pod Hope this helps answer concerns thanks for the interest G.PS. SYSTEMS 23skidoo

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