Five Major Accessories of AR-15

Summary: AR- 15 rifle upgrading through its accessories make it more stylish. Customizing AR-15 has its own impact on shooting.
What is AR- 15?
AR- 15 is a rifle majorly used in military forces. It contains many bullets in one round. It allows to fire continuously on enemies in a single round. When upgraded with accessories, it becomes more useful. Shooting with AR- 15 is a different experience. AR- 15 accessories increases its importance.
Accessories Available for the AR- 15
Following are some major AR- 15 accessories:

  • AR- 15 Bipods: It is useful for long range shooting. If a collapsible AR_ 15 Bipod is attached to the rifle it can prove to be useful. It is attached to a rail under the barrel (front). In some it is attached on a sling pivot post. One can choose the desired model from the market. Model of the Bipod decides its adjustment on the rifle. You can even swivel your AR- 15 with some models of the Bipods.
  • Vertical Fore Grips of AR- 15: Vertical Foregrips are attached under the gun barrel. It helps to control and stable the rifle. It comes in various types like grips or attached with flashlights. Some are bestrode on the body of the rifle.
  • AR- 15 BUIS: Here BUIS is known as Back Up Iron Sights. It is used in the situation when your rifle accidently slips from your hand. In that case, optic of the rifle can be smashed. So, BUIS can prevent this smashing. It folds when you are not using rifles. It is attached to rail on the top of the receiver.
  • Flash Hiders of AR- 15: It is a modern technology which is used when hunting in the dark or in low light. Most of the ARs are available with flash hiders, and in some they are already pinned. It reduces the effect of bloom while shooting in the dark.
  • Rail Covers of AR- 15: This AR- 15 accessory is very helpful. The disadvantage of rails in AR- 15 is that it is very hard in nature. Being magnetic it is more prone to dust. So, as to recover this problem rail covers are used. They are available in different colors which covers the snap of the rails. One can attach different kinds of rails in their AR- 15 according to the need. Rail covers are available for every type of rails used with AR- 15.

AR- 15 accessories helps shooter in various way and also saves him to be hurt from his own rifle.


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