AR-15 Accessories

9/17/2008 3:00:49 AM rgaper: Nickelsig229: As far as the ribbing, I didn’t read it as freindly fun, more like condescending. Totally kidding with you dude – making jest of those who trick out SKS Accessories‘s is pretty much standard operating procedure. You gotta get a thicker skin if you’re gonna hang here! Anyone who modifies an SKS Accessories is immediately declared a “Bubba” in many circles. I had one a while back, but reverted it to the original configuration. The balance and ergonomics of the rifle are awful with all of the accessories. The only way to comfortably fire it was from a bipod like you’re shooting an RPK. To each his own though! As was stated previously, make sure that you are 922r compliant with US parts count. No harm no foul. I just didn’t get the intonation with he written word.

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