Aimpoint Comp M3

2/16/2010 11:39:33 PM By MichigamaGunslinger: By Overton-AR: I have had both 4 MOA and 2 MOA Aimpoints. I prefer the 2 MOA by a very large margin. I have no problem hitting 6″ gongs at 200 and 12″ steel gongs out at 300 yards. Out at the 300 yard distance I really prefer my ACOG TA11, but the my CompM4 Aimpoints will make that shot all day long. 16″ Bushy 14.5″ WOA Thanks. Do you feel that the 2 MOA is sufficient for CQB though? Absolutely. If you need a bigger dot just turn it up to full power and the dot will “flower” out and appear just about at big as the 4 MOA dots. The 2 MOA really is the best of both worlds. Manny2_0

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